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How well does your school reach, teach, and confidently communicate with English learners and families?

Get started with the 10 essential questions to figure out who to connect with, how to collaborate, and increase your team's confidence in communicating with English Learners and families!

Does your school lack confidence in how to teach, connect, and confidently communicate with your English Language Learner (EL or ML) students and families?  Are you struggling with how to effectively support your teacher's lessons, find resources to communicate, and collaborate with your EL teachers?  And by the way...Do you know the 10 essential questions to ask when an English Learner (EL) joins your school or district? 

Hi! I'm Andrea.  I am an ML teacher in year 24, as well as an author and speaker!  I get to teach ML's daily, and get to travel the world helping inspire and support K-12 educators, administrators, supports staff, and of course, amazing  ML kids!

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What People Are Saying...

High School Student Responses When Asked Their Take Aways from Our Virtual and In Person Sessions:
"I am powerful."
"I have a gift."
"Be Proud of Being Bilingual"

"Don't be scared to speak up about my language."
"Always Try New Things."
"Never Give Up."


"The resources presented were signficant, but the overall message for me...was profound.  The story of the Interboro girls from 2015 was prophetic and I do believe I will approach those ELL Kids or EL or ML or whatever other acronym pops up differently from this day forward."
Principal, Chichester SHS


"She should be a keynote speaker...I was super impressed by Ms. Bitner. She opened my eyes to how EL students and their families work so very hard and are usually left without much help.  Ms. Bitner showed us that we need to try harder to include and help our EL students and their families. She is a true inspiration to all teachers." 

Educator, ESEA Conference

"Great session.  Her presentation was practical, not in the basic sense, but more about what should be happening in all schools for our students who are ML's.  She provided us a glimpse of what those efforts result in.  Kudos, Ms. Bitner, I am ready to share these with my school!"

Educator, ESEA 


High School Student Responses When Asked What They Are Excited About
After Our Session:

"Being the first in my family to go to school beyond HS"
"Becoming a welder"
"Heading to the Navy"
"Attending and Graduating College"
"Traveling Around the World"
"Buying A House for my family"
"Working Hard"


"We had the opportunity to work wth Andrea for a half day in service, and we left beyond impressed with
her sessions!  She was complimentary to our
staff's needs and was flexible enough to customize a session we were looking for.  We will certainly consider Andrea more often in the future for PD and consulting!" 
Scott Oste, Supervisor
Northampton SD

"This was in my humble opinion one of the most dynamic and well presented PL's I have experienced in 30 plus years.  It's a subject dear to my heart and taken much too lightly due to a lack of understanding of how to work with English Learners.  Thank you for providing this experience and resources for us."
Educator, MoutainTop Schools


"Andrea is an engaging presenter because she has proof.  Her story touched and affected me deeply.  She focused on students being respected, accepted, and admired.  I will purchase her book, "Take Me Home!"

Educator, Model Schools Conference 

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Something for you...



Grab an informal "At A Glance" School Assessment below!  With over twenty years of experience working in this field, I continue to partner with districts to support K-12 teaching teams, front office teams, administration teams, support teams, and beyond on these topics!   I am a keynote speaker, featured speaker, workshop leader, mentor, and consultant with districts all across the country!  





              Let's Inspire and Support Growth and Change In Your Schools.
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A school with an effective ML system has:

How would you grade your school?


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